Dedicated To

— Revolutionary War —

Major General William Montgomery

— Civil War —

Colonel James Montgomery Rice

Lieutenant John Hopkins Rice

— World War I —

Sergeant Bernard Pohlpeter

— World War II —

Major John Kenneth Marriott

Technical Sergeant Charles Montgomery Marriott

— Cold War —

Corporal Thomas Lee Beelman

Specialist Francis Dale Marriott

Corporal William Charles Marriott

Sergeant Major Kathryn Nel Marriott

— War on Drugs —

Lieutenant Colonel John Thomas Marriott II

— Gulf War —

Sergeant First Class Frank Thomas Marriott

— War on Terror —

Lieutenant Marriott

— General Service —

Specialist Peter James Marriott

Sergeant David Dale Marriott

Corporal Matthew William Marriott

Cadet Captain Charles John Marriott

Private First Class Anthony Dale Marriott

Private First Class Christopher Michael Marriott

And the 41 million Americans that have served in the United States Armed Forces since 1775.


Thomas Montgomery Marriott